100 Dresses for the Chilkoot Trail
July 2013
This was my 17th 100 Dresses project. Usually I set up and paint my 100 small encaustic paintings directly
from the two weeks in the place where I'm painting them. It's an exercise that has a lot to do with  
responding to what's in front of me at each given moment. In this case, I was working from photos and
notes from my 2- week residency on the Chilkoot Trail.

Thanks to Canada Parks, the US Parks Service, the Yukon Arts Centre, the Skagway Arts council, and Alaska
Geographic for that lovely residency.

These dress paintings will be displayed in Skagway at the library Sept 7-14, 2013. Many may still be
Contact me if you're interested in one not yet marked "sold"; they're $100 each,   
1. Dress practicing with rocks
2. Dress of rules for a J-1 visa
3. Dress packing for the
Chilkoot trail
4. Itinerary dress that knows nothing
5. White dress picket fence
6. Rust Dress in corrugated metal
7. Dress of Spruce Tip
Beer (Skagway)
8. Cloud dress playing with the
mountain (Skagway)
9. Mt. Harding Dress (no image yet)

10. Dress of gravel to rebuild the flooded path
(Yay trail crew!)
11. Dress on the beaver pond
12. Stone staircase dress
13. Dress with no pack, traipsing along the trail,
as light as a feather (Thanks Dean!)
14. Dress wading across the Taiya
15. Baneberry Dresses (I could be
16. Dress pitched on a
tent platform
17. Ziplock breakfast dress
18. Dress for the air horn I carried to
make Kate happy
19. 2-piece moss dress with flagging
tape ribbon (us side)
20. Dress shadow on the bridge (Us side)
21. Dress of Chilkoot mosquitoes (artefact)
22. Dress of
23. Dress bouncing on a suspension bridge
24. History/fantasy: Tram dress to
carry two dresses and their packs over
the mountain
25. Bear sighting dress (artefact)
26. Columbine gown
27. Dress sleeping with the
sound of the Taiya River rushing
28. Dress shadow in the Taiya River
29. Dress with a big pack and two
hiking poles
30. Little dresses sprouting out
of the cottonwood fluff caught
by a devil's club leaf
31. Dress for Irene Glacier
32.Towering cumulus dress peeks over the
hill (us side) no really
33. Boil in a bag dress
34. Dress of Ryvita cracker crumbs
(they didn't pack that well but made
good croutons)
35. Dress that only sees 18" in front of its boots
36. Tea bags dress (artefact)
37. Mouldering Dress
38. Dress of tent debris
39. Waterfall dress (sold)
40. Dress of rocks in the waterfall
41. Dress leaning its pack against a rock
42. Dress of wax paper dropped by a hiker on
Long Hill (artefact)
43. Dress admiring a Tlingit woman
carrying over 50 lbs up the Golden Stairs
44. Dress for a plump ground squirrel on Long Hill
45. Wasp-waisted snow field dress,
flowing between rocks
46. Cavorting snow field dress
47. Dresses packing gear up chilkoot
pass (winter97-8, historical photo)
48. Dress pretending to be a bear
to get up the Golden Staircase

49. Dress of Blue Gatorade at the
Summit (image unavailable)
50. Dress of instant noodles, right out of the pot
51. Dress on a rock with a fabulous
moustache inspired by the historical
photos at Lindeman, honest,

aka dress with no rain pants
52. Blister dress (for Roxanne)
53. Moleskin dress (for Roxanne too)
54. Looking back at the dress-shaped
summit snow over stone crib, two
dresses watching us go
55. Snowy dress peak catches
the sun
56. Layers of underwater ice
dresses near Crater Lake
58. Dress of human waste being
airlifted out
57. Roll of TP dress (bring it with you
on the Cdn side)
59. Fart escaping from a dress
60. Dress flag for a snow patch
61. Down Gown
62 Camp Stove Dress
63. Dream dress of another hiker's pancake
64. 3 Heather bell dresses
65. Dress napping at a fork in the
path just above Happy Camp
66. Dress of cliff trees on the horizon
in the alpine
67. White dress and wall tent in the
wind at Happy Camp
69. Dress bathing in an alpine pond
68. Dress of food and toothpaste left
in the grey water pit
70. Wet dress hanging in a tree
71. Old bootsole dress
72. Fireweed dress
73. Dress of blueberries
you're not supposed to eat
74. Toad Dress
75. Dress board in the old wooden bridge
76. Dress for a complex rock cairn
beside the path - artefact?
77. Dress for a mama grouse
78. Exhausted dress at Bare
Loon, wondering if it should go
on to Bennett
79. Dress taking the closed Bare Loon
80. Fast dress in the canyon

81. Uncanny dress cloud observed
over the summit, looking back from
Bennett, image unavailable
82. Blue sky dress on a rainy day:
hope or sucker hole?
83. 3 layers of dresses at Bennett: in
the lake, in the boughs , in the needles
84. Stubble Dress
85. White dress that got grubby (but
not as much as we anticipated)
86. Dress of rust and rivets:
87. Glass midden dress (not artefacts;
88. No dress chopping; no dress fires
89. Dress of unattractive green plastic fencing in Bennett
90. Dress in the fall of land across
the lake at Bennett
91. Dress forms in clouds and
92. Dress wide awake at 4:30
am listening to another tent
snore (38 campers at Bennett;
also historical?)
94. Does this float plane make my ass
look fat?  Quote from Jeanne
Kucherean upon completing the
Chilkoot Trail
93. Dress of a very re-used paper
towel from painting in the Chilkoot
95. Float plane dress rising on a
96. Dress playing ukulele on the shore
of Bennett Lake
97. Dress of beef stew at the
Bennett train station
98. Dress on the train from Bennett
99. Dress back at home in
the bathtub with a glass of
100. You know, a backpack is itself a
kind of a dress.