Trail paintings, Chilkoot Trail
July 2013
July 10 to 23 2013, I had the privilege of making the Chilkoot Trail my
home, with my stalwart and self- named “Artist’s Little Buddy” Casey
McLaughlin. I was there as one of three International Artists in
Residence, hosted by Canada Parks, the US National Parks Service,
Alaska Geographic, and the Yukon Arts Centre.

As one of my Artist in Residence activities, I painted the trail and the
landscape it moved through, one painting per day of hiking. To be
honest, the day we went over the summit I didn’t paint. Hiking was all
I could do. However, anticipating this, I did two paintings the day
before from Sheep Camp.

Here are images of those paintings. Unsold ones are available for $150
ea. I have also self-published an artist book with an essay as well as
reproductions of these paintings for $15. Please
contact me if you're
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Painting on the trail, photo by Casey McLaughlin
1. Just before Finnegan's Point
2. Just before Canyon City
3. Soon I realized that this trail was
very much a human-built environment,
and came to focus on the stone stairs
and bridges that made the trail much
easier to hike.
4. Just before Sheep Camp
5. "Big Step" bridge, just past Sheep Camp
6. A little further past Sheep Camp
7. A bit above Happy Camp
8. Bridge into Deep Lake
9. Tangled woods, just above
10. Lindeman, lower cabin. Note new
log added at bottom.
11. Trail before Bare Loon
12. Bare Loon
13. Before Bennett
14. Down the Lake, the trail
continues, but for now, here comes
the train.